About us

Höveler Spezialfutterwerke GmbH & Co. KG is one of the largest manufacturers of mineral feed
and specialities for livestock.
Established in 1905 by the Höveler family in Langenfeld, Germany, the company remained familyowned for decades.
The starting point was the innovative product “reform oats” for horses. The mixture made of oats, beet molasses and wheat bran was a good alternative to oats, which at that time were already scarce and expensive.
In 1935, the fi rst anti-diarrhoeal mineral fodder for dairy cattle was marketed under the brand name Blattin®.
Ever since, the company has been developing and improving continuously. In 2004, the owners reached retirement age and so sold the company to AGRAVIS. Since then, the company has been run as an independent profi t centre. Today, Höveler produces mineral supplements and specialities for cattle, pigs, sheep and fowl for the national and international markets under the brand name „Blattin®“ at the Langenfeld (Rhineland, Germany), Dormagen (Rhineland, Germany), Seitschen (Saxony, Germany) and Siedlec (Poland) sites.
A subsidiary in the Czech Republic boosts the company‘s commercial business in the country. We follow our vision of “Quality. Performance. Success.” and continuously adapt our products to new market conditions and scientificfindings.
Quality and creativity are the ingredients for the future success of agriculture. For years, Höveler has successfully passed the independent controls of QS, GMP+, ISO 9001, Afutter, Ama pastus and the EU Eco Regulation. In order to meet the highest quality expectations, the company additionally submits its products to voluntary tests at external laboratories. Our staff is regularly trained by technical experts and is happy to share their knowledge with our customers.

Yours faithfully,
Your Blattin® Team